Neuromuscular and sports massage therapy in Tauranga  helps you resolve pain, prevent injury and maximise your performance

specialist in
& sports therapy

For musculoskeletal pain,
sports injuries
& human performance


Lawrence Edser

owner of clinic25

Lawrence has a Bachelor of Health Studies in Neuromuscular and Sports Massage Therapy and is currently doing his Masters programme in Health, Sports and Human Performance at the University of Waikato.

"His passion for getting people stronger and moving well shines through in his work"

"Neuromuscular Therapy is essential for optimal long-term mobility & performance"

"Results: I have attained PB’s in all the 3 disciplines of triathlon"



To help resolve musculoskeletal pain, sports injuries and improve health.


The Movement

One on one private movement sessions to help build core stability, strength and improve mobility.


Sports massage

Sports massage therapy to maintain and improve muscle health and performance.

"My first experience of The Movement Project and I absolutely love it"

"The Movement Project is essential for optimal & long-term mobility, functioning & performance"

"I continue to enjoy better sleep, more flexibility and improved mental energy"

The Movement Project is my online platform of movement classes, core stability workouts, tutorials on strength training, and guidance on diet and nutrition. I created this platform to share my knowledge and to help guide and support you. There are weekly Live Zoom classes, over 60 hours of video routines and a growing blog of training and health related articles to help you reach your true potential.

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