Breathing is a subconscious action that we do 25 000 times a day when at rest. It provides our body with the oxygen that we need to function. When we are born our body is programmed to breathe diaphragmatically. Diaphragmatic breathing is also the foundation of core stability and sports performance. However, as we get older our breathing patterns become faster and shallower due to stress, lifestyle and posture. This has a huge effect on the biochemistry in our body. When our breathing rate increases we expel too much carbon dioxide, which can result in increased muscle tension, increased nervous system sensitivity, a decrease in sporting performance and a reduction in the efficiency that oxygen enters our body cells.
Good diaphragmatic breathing techniques will help with:
  • Core stability
  • Muscle power output
  • Anxiety in Sporting events
  • General health and wellbeing
  • Improved sleep and recovery