Fad diets are common place in todays society and there is a lot confusion as to what we should be eating. Going on a diet often spells restriction and research shows that long term, these extreme diets are not sustainable. Healthy eating should be a philosophy around how we see food and what that food does for our health and it is the cornerstone of fitness and wellbeing. It is very personalised and what works for one person doesn’t always work for another. However, there are basic principles around what is good for us and what has very little health benefits.
There is general agreement that eating a variety of fruit and vegetables, reducing refined sugar consumption, monitoring portion control and eating a balanced whole food diet will ultimately improve your health and performance. At Clinic25 we talk about these basic concepts around food and help you find what works best to assist you and your health goals and sporting endeavours.
Healthy eating will improve:
  • Overal health
  • Sports performance
  • Sleep immune function
  • Recovery from training
  • A range of health conditions.