Neuromuscular and sports massage therapy in Tauranga  helps you resolve pain, prevent injury and maximise your performance

The Movement Lab

The Movement Lab offers private one-on-one sessions that will help you build a strong resilient body.  We first identify any dysfunctional  movement patterns that are indicative of increased injury risk.  Improving these patterns of movement will improve core stability, strength and mobility.  

The exercises that I use have been developed from a combination of my own yoga practice and clinical experience working in injury prevention and sports performance.  I am certified in the Functional Movement Systems (FMS) and have done post graduate research in health, sports and human performance. I bring this diverse range of knowledge to each session in order to maximise your health and performance. 

Your one-on-one session will help to:

  • Highlight any asymmetries
  • Identify stability and mobility weaknesses
  • Build strength, core stability and improve mobility
  • Reduce your risk of injury

His knowledge as an athlete in his own right is vast

"His passion for getting people stronger and moving well shines through in his work"

"Results: I have attained PB’s in all the 3 disciplines of triathlon"