Sleep is the number one recovery aid for optimal health and sports performance. When we sleep the body starts to repair the body from the previous days activities and then prepares the body for the next day. The exact amount of sleep one person requires does vary a little depending on how active we have been, however, anything less than 6-7hrs of good restful sleep a night will start to impact your health.
When we sleep we observe the highest concentration of growth hormones, which plays a vital role in skeletal muscle growth. Furthermore, sleep deprivations has a negative impact on cognitive and central nervous system function. Also when we are sleep deprived there is a huge decrease in natural killer cells that help support our immune system and there are also strong links between weight management and sleep deprivation. Good sleep is imperative for all functions of the human body.
Having good routines around sleep helps:
  • Sports performance
  • reduce injury risk
  • healthy weight management
  • improved immune function
  • improved cognitive function.