Neuromuscular and sports massage therapy in Tauranga  helps you resolve pain, prevent injury and maximise your performance

Therapuetic Massage

We often live in the fast lane and pay little attention to our own well-being. A therapeutic massage is a great way to unwind that tension and maintain good health. When we are stressed our body produces excessive levels of adrenalin and cortisol, creating general muscle tension and increasing the sensitivity of our nervous system. Stress is often the driving force behind chronic pain and repetitive injury.
Therapeutic massage brings about a general sense of unwinding in the body. Pressure may be lighter or deeper, depending on the receiver’s comfort level, and may be general or more focused on particular muscle groups. Research shows that general massage therapy can benefit and improve the following conditions.
  • General health
  • Immune function
  • Stress and anxiety
  • High blood pressure
  • Depression
  • Effects of emotional trauma
  • Digestion
  • Neurological diseases
  • Chronic illnesses